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The truth is that our customers love our service.


Levin T. from Turkey.

I am Very happy about making the switch to MediaOn. I've experienced absolutely no downtime whatsoever. The support I've gotten the one time I needed it was fantastic. I highly recommend MediaOn to anyone shopping around. Thanks MediaOn!

Manfred A. from Germany:

I just wanted to say 'THANK YOU' for everything and Selin Oeren i love you ;)

Rudiger G. from Germany:

I would like to wish thanks for Entire Mediaon Team for their valuable support.

Palm E. from USA:

Yes, this is real and still available. Great support from the admin. I recommend to anyone who wanna register for a new anonymous hosting account for these available services here to use Hosting Plan Rebates. Excellent service and best deal ever.

Monika M. from Germany:

Wooow, it impossible its really works. Good idea, good service, good job - quick contact and quick reaction :)

Ralf S. from Germany:

Excellent service and relability. They helped me several times through instant chat to set things up. Ihr seit Spitze!

Chiyoko B. from Japan:

MediaOn provides a consistently excellent service. I am very pleased with the hosting account.

Fred M. from USA:

Congratulations! Your suggestion worked a treat. Is there anything about computers you don't know?

Angela R. from USA:

Just wanted to say "Thanks" for the superb service you have given me since signing up. All the emails are now working perfectly.

Mike T. from Australia:

Can I tell you that I have NEVER had a web hosting company's Customer Service department respond so quickly. Thanks!

John C. from Canada:

Our MediaOn webhosting server is the perfect solution to our growing hosting needs.

Shang E. from China:

Highly recommended - If you're looking for a good quality hosting solution providing the latest technology at the best possible price, look no further than

Salomon S. from Israel: is providing world class solutions for an affordable price, highly recommended. Best regards.

Thomas F. from UK:

Im really very happy with you guys. Since the start until you finished posting my web page. It has been a very greatful experience. Again, thanks a lot.

Peter T. from UK:

I chose MediaOn for CPanel and a Ruby-on-Rails support, but I've been pleasantly surprised by the wealth of additional features and the exceptional technical support. I will definitely continue to recommend you to friends and colleagues.

Hasan S. from Turkey:

Must say, I'm very impressed with the level of technical support you've provided for me, it's been both quick and effective, and everything that I have asked for has been successfully implemented.

Pelin E. from Turkey:

Mediaon service and features are among the top reasons I'm telling people to switch over to you guys!!

Shang C. from China:

I just wanted to let you know that we are very happy with the service mediaon has given us since we've setup dedicated hosting with you. We came into this with very little knowledge of the Unix environment, and your support has been very helpful and responsive every step of the way.

Thanks for the great service!

Miles T. from USA:

You have done a very nice job, and so quickly. I want to thank you very much for your excellent work and fine service!

Sofia P. from Greece:

We switched to your company almost three years ago. In the past we used 4 other providers and they all had some problem keeping our site up.

Your company got us online fast and in the time we have been with you we have experienced very few problems. Your service is excellent. We always get someone on the phone and whatever the problem is, it is dealt with.

Our business and traffic tripled and now we need our own server to keep up with the load. You earned our business and we know you will get us going on our new server with no problems at all.

Thanks very much for letting us run our business and totally forget about all the technical aspects of keeping our site online everyday.

Richard M. from USA:

Hope all is going well with you. It has been almost a year since we moved our hosting services to your facility. It has been one of the best decisions we made. You and your staff have been great to work with. Your knowledge and customer service has been outstanding.

Korzak E. from ?

Thanks for your awesome support! I love

Sabine R. from Germany:

I need to tell you how wonderfully well your emergency support worked for us today. You did a perfect job restoring our corrupted files, did it almost instantly, and with excellent communication.

Chris E. from Canada:

Thanks a million! You can't believe the enormous joy it brought me to publish my own website this morning! Whatever you did, it worked! Thanks and enjoy the rest of your week. PS: Also thanks for your second message regarding email. I'll take that with me on another trip (leaving soon) and will read through it. If I need additional help on that, you'll hear from me next week.

Josef F. from Germany:

Thanks!! You all have been the best web web host I have ever worked with. Keep up the good work!!

Sascha D. from Germany:

Thank you so much for your help. I recommend to everyone because your support is so great!

Simone S. from Germany:

I subscribed to your webhosting and I must say I was surprised at the speed I had my page published! Congratulations on the great service!

Murat K. from Turkey:

Thanks - I've recommended you to a number of people who have asked me about hosting - sure appreciate the good service.

Thomas W. from Germany:

I signed up for another year via PayPal. Thanks for a year of great service, I hope to find the time to work on my page :-)

Sandy T. from Canada:

So nice to see there are still a few businesses with integrity around. If ever I need hosting services again I will use yours, I may not need your service right now but you have earnt my loyalty.

Rainer V. from Germany:

Many thanks - I'm so glad I decided on Mediaon hosting - the service and response were excellent and I'm very pleased.

John R. from USA:

WOW! You cats are fast! I see why my friend referred me. Thanks.

Manfred A. from Germany:

You guys are simply unbelievable. NEVER have I had such good service. Over the years I've used you have continued to help me find solutions... Great Job!

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